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Free Ikes ... - The Wet Tunic Clan

About Free Ikes ...

Previous Entry Free Ikes ... Jan. 17th, 2004 @ 04:19 pm Next Entry
[OOC:] Trajan goes back to prodding Ike to life. :P
[OOC:] Epaife eeks. Did Ike die?
[OOC:] Epaife can hit the 'poke' global 15 times ... *tempted*
[OOC:] Trajan says "Oh dear. o.o"
[OOC:] Epaife says "He does that to me."
[OOC:] Trajan dies.
[OOC:] Trajan says "Then by all means."
Epaife pokes Sii'kyn! Sii'kyn didn't realise he had a generic message on his @opoke. Isn't that sad? Anyhow. Back to your regularly scedualed SpamThatIkeSpawned. Epaife pokes Sii'kyn. Sii'kyn pokes Epaife back, ties her up, and proceeds to have deliciously wicked naughty things done to Epaife.
Sii'kyn has disconnected.
[OOC:] Epaife says "... I killed him!"
[OOC:] Trajan faints.
[OOC:] Epaife didn't mean to. Forgive me, Traj? :(
[OOC:] Trajan lipquivers.
[OOC:] Epaife comforts. I'll get you another one. Ike is mass produced.
[OOC:] Trajan sniffles. Really?
[OOC:] Epaife promises you'll have an Ike just as good the next time Ike's player connects. :)
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