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For those who missed the Hatching - The Wet Tunic Clan

About For those who missed the Hatching

Previous Entry For those who missed the Hatching Apr. 25th, 2004 @ 06:20 pm Next Entry
All the really important events/conversations are posted below:

[SA] E'an thinks in the post-Hatching RP he'll have E'an ask for an alcoholic beverage called a roofie that someone reccomended to him.
[SA] E'an: Assuming they mix drinks on Pern.
[SA] T'am: That is why I love you.
[SA] Lianta: And for.. other things.
[SA] T'am: Well...yes.

[FBS] Rianna woots. Anna is 15 now... She can drink and screw!

[] Sein gets lots in Keroon/HerderHall. /In/ the Hall.
[] Sein: /On/ my dragon.
[] Desba: look look I'm on the rider only channel
[] Desba swoons.
[] Sein just somehow 'fly'ed into the lounge....
[] E'an (to Sein): What did you just say?
[] Sein facedesks.
[] E'an (to Sein): All I read was that you were getting lots at Kerron in the hall on your dragon...
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sexified sound: my own laughter
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